What word springs to mind when you hear the word childcare?” We posed that question to about 100 families in our community in a recent, unscientific survey.

Not surprisingly, an overwhelming number answered “nanny” or “babysitter.” Even myself, founder of a company providing new solutions to childcare, answered “daycare.” This traditional definition conjures up a physical place where small children (pre-K) are dropped off to be cared for while parents or caregivers are working.

We’re here to challenge that. What if we expanded it beyond “the littles,” and beyond a building? What if we defined it in terms that relate…

Not that long ago, if you were to say “childcare,” I might have blurted out “daycare!” or “babysitter!”

Now, in 2021, I might burst into tears or laugh. So much has changed and so should our definition of childcare.

We’re struggling to reinvent and redefine so many things we now recognize as broken. The pandemic shed an unsympathetic light on everything from childcare to health care, racial equity, and pay equity.

Childcare, especially for women, was already riddled with flaws. In the “before times,” our lives were forced to fit into the rigid parameters of a work culture built at…

In the decade leading up to 1985, Employee Assistance Programs grew as companies worked to retain employees by providing the help they needed — legal, mental, emotional. EAPs began after World War II as a response to a rise in alcoholism among soldiers. Major events and shifts in society have always given birth to corporate solutions to challenges faced by workers.

Retaining excellent employees requires meeting them where they are and offering benefits that help them stay and contribute. Today, in empty offices across the country, the urging from HR leaders encouraging employees to seek a healthy work-life balance has…


Sit-a-Bit has been tapped a second time for its innovation in both childcare and employee benefits by Startup Pill, an international effort to connect startup founders, investors, and consultants for the sharing of resources, progress, and tips.

In the latest shout-out, Sit-a-Bit was named in the January 2021 list of 51 employee benefits startup companies that will “Take 2021 by Storm.” Startup Pill selected the startups for offering “Awesome Employee Benefits” based on the innovation of ideas, product, and route to market; growth; management, and social impact.

“These startups are taking a variety of approaches to innovating inside of the Employee Benefits industry and around the world. They are all exceptional startups well worth a follow,” states the London-based Startup Pill.

Sit-a-Bit also was included in late 2020 in Startup Pill’s list of “top…

Every single day we hear a new study or stat echoing from the aether, that reiterates the crushing theme of families suffering trying to manage work/childcare/school and life in general. The latest stats are always a humbling part of the story. My particular favorite (insert eye roll here) focuses on the massive number of women, who now opt out of the labor force because there aren’t solutions to help with childcare needs.

For many, it’s no longer a decision about how to maintain this fragile balance of education, home care, and extracurricular activities, but whether or not it’s even remotely…


We are reimagining what childcare can be.

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